Oakland Dojo History

60 Years

1953 – 2013

History of Oakland Kendo Dojo

In the fall of 1953, the Oakland Kendo dojo was established at Carallo’s Judo Dojo. The founding members were Hiroshi Umemoto, Gordon Warner, Benjamin Hazard, Yoshinari, Miyata, Shoichi Fujishima and Seiichi Umemoto. The dojo moved to the West Tenth Street Japanese Methodist Church and then to the Oakland Buddhist Church.

Currently its 50 members, under the guidance of Chief Instructor Hanshi Hachi-dan Yoshinari Miyata and Head Instructor Court Tanouye, Renshi Roku-dan, practice at the DeFremery Park Recerational Hall at 18th and Adeline Street in Oakland, California.

Its members also hold practices at; the Buddhist Temple of Alameda, Alameda, the Japanese American & Cultural Center, Concord and the Stockton Buddhist Temple in Stockton.

Over the past 60 years, the Oakland Kendo Dojo has been fortunate to have hosted many guests, including top instructors and competitors from throughout the United States as well as Japan, participated in many tournaments and demonstrations and has taught countless children and adults, the fundamentals of the art of kendo. Its members have participated in the US Nationals and World Kendo Championships as well providing both coaches and referees for these events.

Many famous sensei have instructed at Oakland Kendo dojo including;

Fujii sensei, Takao sensei, Doi sensei, Chiba sensei, Ogawa sensei, Maoki sensei, Zug sensei, Jow Sensei, and Seung Joon Park sensei

Many famous kenshi have also trained at Oakland Kendo Dojo over the years;

Mark Grivas (TEAM USA and former AUSKF Champion), Yuji Onitsuka (TEAM USA member and coach), Chris Yang (TEAM USA and former AUSKF Champion), Simon Yuu (TEAM USA), N. Nishimoto (TEAM USA member and coach), T. Nishimoto (TEAM USA and former AUSKF Champion), Mic. Cabral (TEAM USA member), Min. Cabral (AUSKF Junior National Champion)

Our current active instructor staff includes;

C. Tanouye* (6 Dan, Renshi), A. Mizunoue (6 Dan), Wayne Kosaka (5 Dan) B. Tamura* (4 Dan), M. Matsumoto* (4 Dan), M. Espinosa* (4 Dan), S. Orlianges* (4 Dan), A. Aono* (4 Dan), J. Castrence* (4 Dan), A. Cabral (4 Dan), T. Sakano* (4 Dan), M. Nishimoto* (4 Dan)

*These sensei started as regular Oakland members and have become instructors, building up our dojo history and traditions under Miyata sensei.


Our teaching program was established by Miyata sensei and is taught to students both men and women of all ages. It stresses the fundamentals of kendo and character development.

Further information on Miyata Sensei (and other Bay Area sensei) can also be found here:



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