Welcome to the Oakland Kendo Dojo

March 2017 – Stockton 5th Year Anniversary Keiko

Many thanks to all Sensei and participants to mark this milestone. It was a great day of Kendo followed by a superb feast.


2015’s North/South Tournament – Kata demonstration from Oakland senseis

A.Mizunoe & W.Kosaka


Bunka Hall Fame

“On January 25, 2014, Yoshinari Miyata  8 Dan Hanshi was inducted into the Bunka  Hall of Fame for his excellence in and contribution to Japanese Traditional Martial Arts for Kendo, through which he has enhanced relationships in our community by enlightening all to the culture of Japan as practiced here in America.  The Hall of Fame is sponsored by the Japanese American Association of Northern California, also know as Hokka Nichi Bei Kai, the oldest Japanese American Community organization.”

Many, many congratulations to Miyata-Sensei.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Oakland Kendo Dojo

  1. Also Reminder: Miyata Sensei’s 86th Birthday Party, at Piedmont Gardens, Saturday July 14th from 4:30 to 8:30pm. Address: 110 41st Street, Oakland.

  2. Reminder: San Jose Kendo 50th Anniversary Tournament, August 18, 2012
    Check in 8-8:30AM at Leigh High School, 5210 Leigh Ave., San Jose
    Deadline to register is July 21,2012

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